Josephus Theodorus  Roosen (b 1874)

Peterus Theodorus Roosen & Geertruida Paulina Philippina Mulder

15 September 1874 Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[1]

9 May 1906 Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[5]
Aafje Tulp
24 September 1876 Grootebroek, North Holland, NL[7,5]

one unamed child died at birth


When Joseph Theodorus was born in 1874, his family was living at Bloemstraat 181 in the colourful Jordaan district of Amsterdam[1].

From Josephus Theodorus Roosen birth certificate

Sometime before 1879, the family had moved to Bloemstraat 86 and were still living there in 1881[2,3].

Bloemstraat 181, Amsterdam

Bloemstraat 86, Amsterdam

In 1901, Josephus Theodorus was working as a Shopkeeper in Amsterdam[4]. This shop may have been in the Spuistraat[6].

Aafje Tulp was born in 1876 in Grootebroek a small town on the north-west side of the Ijsselmeer, near Enkhuizen at 2.00am in the morning of the 24th September 1876.

From Aafje Tulp's birth certificate

Grootebroek, North Holland

Josephus Theodorus Roosen

Aafje Tulp 
Joseph and Aafja were married in Amsterdam in 1906[5]. Joseph was 31 years old and Aafje was 29 years of age.  Joseph stated his occupation as Shopkeeper.

Joseph’s two younger brothers, Wilhelmus Johannes Theodorus Wilhelmus Carolus were witnesses. Another witness was Joseph’s brother-in-law, Jacobus Johannes Lambertus Rault.

Aafje’s parents were Jac Pieterzoon Tulp and Aafje Ooterman (deceased). Jac was living in Grootebroek and was unemployed.

On 11 November 1907, Joseph registered the death of his unnamed child who was stillborn. They never had any more children.

From Joseph Theodorus and Aafje's mariage certificate

During the World War of 1914-18, Joseph may have operated a butcher shop located the De Clercqstraat in Amsterdam. He may have also been playing on the black market since it is believed that he became quite wealthy during this time[6].

In 1915 he is noted in the Amsterdam Telephone Book as Cigar Seller located at Da Costakade 28[14].  In 1919, Joseph was noted on the Names of Electors for the city of Amsterdam. His address was stated as Da Costakade 28. This address is also shown on his Gezinskaart (inhabitant's card)[7].  He may have owned this house and operated a cigar shop from the ground floor.

It is believed that he owned several houses in Amsterdam and rented them[10].  Aafje was always concious of their wealth and openly flaunted it to other members of the Roosen family[6].

Da Costakade 28
(one back from the corner)

According to Joseph’s Amsterdam Gezinskaart (inhabitant's card), he and Aafje moved from Amsterdam to live in Hilversum in September 1924[7]. When Michiel Jansz wrote to his brother-in-law, Jacobus Antonius Wilhelmus Maria Roosen (b1913), in November 1945, he mentioned that Joseph and Aafje were still living in Hilversum[9].  It is likely this is where they died.

Hilversum lyes to the southeast of Amsterdam

From Josephus Theodorus' Amsterdam Gezinskaart

Aafje Tulp

Josephus Theodorus Roosen birth certificate
Wilhelmus Johannes Roosen birth certificate
Theodorus Wilhelmus Carolus Roosen birth certificate
Wilhemus Johannes Roosen & Antonette Johanna Post marriage certificate
Josephus Theodorus Roosen & Aafje Tulp marriage certificate
Theodorus Maria Roosen – personal communication, Oct 2003, Mar 2009
Josephus Theodorus Roosen Amsterdam Gezinskaart
Registration of death of unnamed child, 1907.
Letter from Michiel Jansz to Jacobus AWM Roosen 16 Nov 1945
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