Margareta Bernarda Roosen (b 1827)

Petrus Josephus Roosen & Johanna Barnada Hulsing

9 June 1827 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
baptised: 9 June 1827 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
died: 24 April 1902 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[12]
buried: 26 April 1902 Oostergaarde Cemetery, Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[13]

Maria Frederica Louisa


Margareta was named after her maternal grandmother, Margareta de Vente who is mentioned in the church baptism entry.

Baptism entry at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church, 9 June 1827

When Margareta Bernarda was born, her parents were living at Schoenmakerstraat 442[1].

Bruggestraat 16 (was 109 in 1830s)

By October 1829 they had moved to Bruggestraat 109[2].  The 1830 Census of Harderwijk[3] shows Margareta living with her parents at Bruggestraat 109.  She and her family continued living at Bruggestraat 109 through to at least 1835[4,5] but by 1839, they had moved to Bruggestraat 114 and remained there until at least 1841[6,7].   (The Harderwijk Census of 1840[8] states that the family was living at Bruggestraat 111 but this was probably an error.)

In October 1850, aged 23 years, Margareta gave birth to a daughter, Maria Frederica Louisa[9].  The father was not named on the birth certificate.  Her birth certificate stated that Margareta was unmarried and had no occupation and was living in the Bruggestraat at the time – probably still with her parents.

Strangely, there is an annotation to Maria Frederica Louisa’s birth certificate (6 months after her death), to the effect that Margareta declared before an advocate that Maria was her daughter.  Why was this necessary?  Perhaps something to do with inheritance of the house mentioned below?

Left – Bruggestraat 22 (today’s number, white lower front. Number was 114 in 1800s)

This house was owned by Petrus Josephus Roosen but he never lived there.  The Harderwijk records state that it is a capital house with a garden.  In fact it was a very impressive sized garden!

In 1872, ownership passed to his daughter, Margareta Bernarda[10].

In 1888, she sold it to her son-in-law, Hendrikus Lambertus Hoedemaker.  Margareta’s daughter, Maria Frederica Louisa, had already passed away.  Sometime later, it was sold again to another ‘Hoedemaker’.

In October 2003, it was a restaurant named De Dolle Griet ("The Crazy Girl").  It appears to have retained the original timber floor and ceiling panelling.  It has a warm, cosy interior.

Harderwijk's register of inhabitants for the periods of 1862-1870, 1870-1880 and 1880-1885 has Margaretha and her daughter living with her parents at Bruggestraat 44[14,15,16].  This the renumbered 114.  During this time, Margaretha worked as a Shop Assistant.  In the period 1880-1885, Margaretha's sister, Fransina Maria also lived there[16].

The following images were taken of ajoining pages from the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church members register[11].   It shows that Margareta lived for some time in the Kerkstraat (no number given).  After her name is the word "Widow" but there is no marriage date set in the "Matrimonia mixta notentur" column of the ajoining page.  Since she had her daughter, Maria, out of wedlock, then perhaps the use of the term "widow" is politeness?

Margareta Bernarda died on 24 April 1902 at 2.00pm in her house in the Bruggestraat, probably no. 22 in Harderwijk aged 74 years[12].

From Margareta's death certificate

She was buried at the Oostergaarde Cemetery in Harderwijk two days after her death in grave 3E/II/OUD/13[13].  Buried in this same grave are her daughter, Maria Fredrica Louisa,  Anna Berendina Baars and Hendrikus Lambertus Bernardus Hoedemaker.

Margareta Bernarda Roosen birth certificate
Hendrika Josephina Roosen birth certificate
1830 Harderwijk Census
Anna Antonia Roosen birth certificate
Johannis Hendrikus Roosen birth certificate
Theodora Lucia Roosen birth certificate
Fransina Maria Roosen birth certificate
1840 Harderwijk Census
Maria Frederica Louisa Roosen birth certificate
Karel Uittien – personal communication, Oct 2003
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