Maria Frederica Louisa Roosen (b 1850)


Margareta Bernarda Roosen (father unknown)

18 October 1850 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
7 March 1887 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[2]
10 March 1887
Oostergaarde Cemetery, Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[14]

27 January 1886 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[3]
Hendrikus Lambertus Hoedemaker
13 March 1855 Epe, Gelderland, NL[5]
died: 10 January 1899 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[9]

Unnamed child, died at birth


Maria Frederica Louisa birth certificate

Maria Frederica Louisa’s father was not named on her birth certificate.  We know that her mother was only 23 years old, unmarried and unemployed at the time. Margareta was probably living with her parents at Bruggestraat 114 when Maria was born.

Hendrikus was born in Epe. His parents were Daniel Hoedemaker and Elisabeth Bernarda Berrevoets[3,5]. Daniel and Elisabeth were married in 1852 one year after Daniel’s first marriage to Grada Maria van’t Erve.

 Hendrikus was 5 years Maria’s junior when they were married in 1886 and was unemployed. One of the witnesses was Petrus Martinus Formanoij, Maria’s cousin (see Maria Sebilla Roosen).

On 24 February 1887, Maria gave birth to a stillborn male child.  No birth was registered, but the death was registered by Hendrikus[4].  At this time Hendrikus was a Shopkeeper.  They may have been living in the Bruggestraat since the child’s birth/death is noted there.  Just 30 days after the stillbirth, Maria died.  Probably, complications during the birth killed both mother and child.

Maria Fredrica Louisa death certificate

Strangely, there is an annotation to Maria Frederica Louisa’s birth certificate (6 months after her death), to the effect that her mother, Margareta Bernarda, declared before an advocate that Maria was her daughter.  Why was this necessary?  Perhaps something to do with inheritance of the house mentioned below?

Bruggestraat 22 (today’s number, white lower front
. Number was 114 in 1800s)

This house was owned by Maria's grandfather, Petrus Josephus Roosen, but he never lived there.  The Harderwijk records state that it is a capital house with a garden. In 1872, ownership passed to Maria's mother, Margareta Bernarda[10].

In 1888, Margareta Bernarda sold it to her son-in-law, Hendrikus Lambertus Hoedemaker.  Her daughter, Maria Frederica Louisa, had already passed away.  Sometime later, it was sold again to another ‘Hoedemaker’.

In October 2003, it was a restaurant named De Dolle Griet (the crazy goose).  It appears to have retained the original timber floor and ceiling panelling.  It has a warm, cosy interior.

Hendrikus Lambertus Hoeademaker
On 8 October 1890, Hendrikus Hoedemaker married Anna Bernardina Baars in Harderwijk[7]. Anna was born in Amsterdam ca 1869.  Her parents were Petrus Gerardus Baars and Maria Cox.

Petrus Gerardus Baars owned the hotel Wapen van Zutphen located at Smeepoortstraat 52, Harderwijk, since 1875 and is currently known as the Best Western Hotel Baars.  It has been operated by 5 generations of the Baars family[15].

    Petrus Gerardus Baars
(photo courtesy of Hans Fohr)

On 22 November 1891, Anna gave birth to a female child which was named Maria Louisa Cecilia[6]. Obviously named in memory of Maria Frederica Louisa Roosen.  Maria Louisa Cecilia was born in the Bruggestraat, most likely in the house at number 22.

Maria Louisa Cecilia was baptised at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic church also on 22 November.  Hendrikus' previous mother-in-law, Margareta Bernarda Roosen was named as the child's Godmother.  Maria Louisa Cecilia died on 25 August 1912 in Harderwijk[8].  She did not marry and was just 20 years of age.

Maria Louisa Cecilia Hoedemaker baptism entry

The following ajoining pages from the Harderwijk St Martinus Roman Catholic Church members list and show that Hendrikus and Anna Baars were living at the Bruggestraat house at least until 1895.

Passing On
Hendrikus Lambertus Hoedemaker died on 10 January 1899 at the Bruggestraat 22 house at 9.00am.

Anna Bernardina Baars died in Harderwijk on 21 March 1949[13].  She was buried at the Oostergaarde Cemetery in Harderwijk on 23 March in grave 3E/II/OUD/13[14].  Buried in this same grave are Maria Fredrica Louisa Roosen, Hendrikus Lambertus Bernardus Hoedemaker and Margareta Bernarda Roosen.

Here is a snapshot of Hendrikus Lambertus Hoedemaker's family - Hoedemaker, Epe/Harderwijk as far as currently known.

Children of Hendrikus Lambertus and Anna Baars
Hendrikus Lambertus and Anna Baars' first son, Aloijsius Hijacinthus Christianus Hoedemaker was born on 16 July 1894 in Harderwijk[10].  He married Petronella Maria Franssen on 30 October 1917 in Leeuwarden.  Petronella was born in Leeuwarden on 16 December 1893.  Aloijsius and Petronella baptised (at least) one child, Hendrikus Lambertus Leonardus, at the Harderwijk St Martinus Roman Catholic Church on 5 July 1919.

Hendrikus Lambertus Leonardus Hoedemaker baptism entry

A second son, Hendrikus Lambertus Bernardus was born on 24 February 1896[16] and baptised at the Harderwijk St Martinus Roman Catholic church on 25 February 1896.

Hendricus Lambertus Hoedemaker baptism entry (name spelled differently to birth certificate)

This Hendrikus L Bernardus Hoedemaker married Ida Lucij Böhm.  He died on 4 March 1932 in Harderwijk and was buried at the Oostergaarde Cemetery in the same grave as his mother[11,14,15].  Hendrikus was only 36 years when he died.  His occupation is Hotel Manager/Owner - this was probably the Baars hotel.

Hendrikus Lambertus and Anna Baars also had a third son, Petrus Gerardus Antonius, born and baptised on 12 January 1899[12].  He was born 2 days after his father died.

Petrus Gerardus Antonius Hoedemaker baptism entry

Petrus Gerardus Antonius married Hendrika Johanna Porth in Amsterdam on 24 Jul 1929[17].  Hendrika's parents were Hendrik Johan Porth and Boudina Hendrina Vogelzang and she was born in Haarlem ca 1906.

Maria Frederica Louisa Roosen birth certificate
Maria Frederica Louisa Roosen death certificate
Maria Frederica Louisa Roosen & Hendrikus Lambertus Hoedemaker marriage certificate
Unnamed child death certificate
Hendrikus Lambertus Hoedemaker birth certificate
Maria Louisa Cecilia Hoedemaker birth certificate
7 Hendrikus Lambertus Hoedemaker & Anna Bernardina Baars marriage certificate
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