Maria Sebilla Roosen (b 1808)

Johannes Theodorus Rosen & Antonia Maria Peters

31 January 1808 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
2 January 1878 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[10]

5 November 1835
Amsterdam, NL[32]
Antonius Formanoij
17 April 1808 Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[89]
baptised:18 April 1808Amsterdam, North Holland[31]
8 September 1888 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[11]


Maria Sebilla was baptised at the Harderwijk
Catholic Church on 31 January 1808[1].

Her godmother was her paternal grandmother, Maria Sibylla Rosen (nee Rinck). Her godfather was noted as A Arnoldus Leuvenig – this is certainly her uncle, Johannes Arnoldus Lövenich. They must have made the trip from Aldenhoven, Germany to Harderwijk to be present at the baptism.

Note the minor confusion with her father’s surname – it appears that the extra “o” was inserted after it was first written.

The 1830 Census of Harderwijk records Maria Sebilla living at Donkerstraat 199. She was 22 years old, a Roman Catholic, unmarried and working as a Servant[2].

This house was Donkerstraat 199 in 1830.
(corner of Donkerstraat and Academiestraat)

Maria Sebilla was one of two servants working in this rather grand house. The house may have been owned by Albertus Huijsman who was a Pharmacist in Harderwijk. Their were another seven “Huijsman”s also living in the house.

Antonius Formanoij

Antonius Formanoij was born in Amsterdam in 1808[31,89].  He was baptised as a Roman Catholic  at the church "De Posthoorn".  He had six siblings.

His parents were Johannes Franciscus Nicolas Formanoij (born 1776 in Liege, Belgium) and Gertrudis Honing[3].  Gertrudis was born in Amsterdam and was baptised as a Roman Catholic on 7 Februarry 1775 at the church "De Posthoorn"[89].

Antonius Formanoij baptism entry[31]

On 28 April 1827, Antonius' name was drawn from an Amsterdam lottery and he had to join the National Militie.  He was a Fusilier.  He was released from his military service on 1 September 1836, some 9 months after his marriage to Maria Sebilla.


Sometime in her 20s, Maria Sebilla travelled to live in Amsterdam, probably taking up a Servants position.  Maria Sebilla met and Antonius they were married in Amsterdam in 1835[32].

From Maria Sebilla and Antonius marriage certificate

All of their children were born in Amsterdam[15,25,8,6,26,27,33] and they lived there at least until the late 1840’s.

When their first child (Geertruida Antonia Elizabeth) was born in 1835, they were living at Engelsch Steeg 17 (now Engelsesteeg) in the north of Amsterdam[15].  They were still there when Elisabeth Theodora was born March 1837[34].

When Antonius Theodorus was born in 1839, they were living at Lindengracht 40[25]. They were still there in 1841 when Petrus Martinus (1st) died[8].  By January 1842 they had moved to Lindengracht 136 when Theordora Geertruida was born[33] and were there in 1843 when Petrus Martinus (2nd) was born[26]  and still in 1845 when their last child, Franciscus, died[27].

In Amsterdam, Antonius worked as a Tinsmith[8,25,26,27,33].

In 1856, their first daughter, Geertruida Antonia Elizabeth, is recorded as giving birth to her first child, Geertruida Antonia Maria, in 1856 in Harderwijk so the family must have moved to Harderwijk sometime before then[9].

In Harderwijk, Antonius worked as a Coppersmith[10,11,28] and Tinsmith[17].

Passing On
Maria Sebilla died at the family’s Luttekepoorstraat home aged just short of her 70th birthday[10].

From Maria Sebilla's death certificate

Her death was registered by her husband, Antonius and son-in-law, Martinus Josephus Hubertus Beijsens.

After Maria Sebilla’s death, Antonius lived for a time with his son, Petrus Martinus and his family at Luttekepoorstraat 131[28]. Was this actually his house or his son’s house? Antonius Formanoij died 10 years later[11]. He was 80 years of age. He also died at the Luttekepoorstraat home most likely number 131.

From Antonius Formanoij's death certificate


Maria Sebilla and Antonius had 7 children:-

1.  Geertruida Antonia Elizabeth Formanoij

born:  3 November 1835 – Amsterdam[15]
died:  ?

Geertruida was born at her parent's house at Engelsch Steeg 17, Amsterdam.

Aged just 21 years and unmarried, Geertruida gave birth to her first child, Geertruida Antonia Maria, on 20 November 1856[9]. The child is first named Formanoij but on the day she married Everhardus Eligius Roosen (14 January 1857), he declared that he was the father of the child and she took the Roosen name.

Geertruida Antonia Elizabeth and Everhardus Eligius Roosen were, in fact first cousins – this chart shows how. Everhardus’ father, Antonius, was Maria Sebilla’s older brother. Geertruida's story is continued with Everhardus Eligius Roosen.

2.   Elizabeth Theodora Formanoij

born:  25 March 1837 - Amsterdam[34]
died:  ?

Elizabeth was born at her parent's house at Engelsch Steeg 17, Amsterdam.

3.  Antonius Theodorus Formanoij

born:  11 January 1839 – Amsterdam[25]
died:  14 April 1905 - Bloemendaal[35]

Antonius was born at his parents’ house at Lindengracht 40, Amsterdam[25]. On 21 July 1863, Antonius was recorded that he left Harderwijk for Putten[85].  Perhaps this was to meet Veronica?  

Antonius 's first marriage was with Veronica John on 6 Apr 1864 in Harderwijk[5].  At the time of his marriage, Antonius was living in Harderwijk and worked as a Coppersmith, presumably with his father.  

Veronica was born ca1839 in Harderwijk and was working as a Servant when they were married.  Her parents were Johanis John, a Salesman, and Anna Maria Kons who both lived in Harderwijk at the time.

Antonius and Veronica's first child was born in Putten (not far from Harderwijk) and their other three children were born in Haarlem.

Veronica must have died sometime between 1873 and 1877.

Children of Antonius Theodorus and Veronica John:-

3.1   Antonius Petrus Formanoij

born:  ca 1865 - Putten[36]
died:   4 July 1950 - Bloemendaal[43]

Antonius Petrus married Johanna Hendrika Kamp on 9 November 1887 in Haarlem, North Holland[36]. Johanna was 25 years old and was born in Goor.  Her parents were Bernardus Kamps and Melanie Wijn.

Antonius Petrus and Johanna had 4 children:-

3.1.1   Antonius Theodorus Formanoij

born:  ca 1889 - Haarlem
died:  ?

Antonius Theodorus married Catharina Schenke on 19 February 1914 in Haarlem[37].  Catharina was born in Haarlem.

3.1.2   Melanie Elisabeth Formanoij

born:  ca 1890 - Haarlem
died:  ?

Melanie married Hendrik Petrus Traksel on 30 November 1922 in Haarlem.  Hendrik was born in Haarlem[38].

3.1.3   Bernardus Formanoij

born:  ca 1894 - Haarlem
died:  ?

Bernardus married Helena Wilhelmina Sitskoorn on 22 May 1919 in Haarlem[39].

3.1.4   Petrus Grogorius Formanoij

born:  ca 1895
died:  ?

Petrus married Dieuwertje Timmers on 8 September 1921 in Haarlem[40].

3.2   Anna Maria Wilhelmina Formanoij

born:  ca 1868, Haarlem
died:  ?

Anna Maria married August Wilhelm Friedrich Grell on 15 March 1916 in Haarlem[41].  August was born in Heegermũhle, Germany and was  55 years old.  Anna was already 48 years old.

3.3   Maria Theodora Formanoij

born:  ca 1873, Haarlem
died:  ?

Maria married Gerrit Adrianus van den Broek on 4 August 1897 in Haarlem[42].

Second Marriage

On 22 August 1877, Antonius Theodorus married for a second time - to Maria Theresia Ragetti on 22 August 1877 in Haarlem[44].  Antonius was now still a young man at 38 years old.  He was working as a Coppersmith in Haarlem at the time.  Maria Theresia was 23 years old and was born in Eindhoven.  She worked as a Seamstress.

Antonius Theodorus and Maria Theresia Ragetti had one child:-

3.4   Johanna Jacoba Maria Formanoij

born:  28 June 1891 - Haarlem[46]
died:  ?

Johanna Jacoba married Jacob Boode on1 November 1916 in Haarlem[45].  Jacob was born on 6 October 1890 in Bussom[46].  He was of the Dutch Reformed Church faith and Johanna was Roman Catholic.  They raised two childred in the Dutch Reformed Church.

Johanna and Jacob had two children:-

3.4.1   Geeritje Maria Boode

born:  18 February 1919 - Haarlem
died:  ?

3.4.2   Antoon Hendrick Boode

born:  5 February 1921 - Harlem
died:  ?

4.  Petrus Martinus Formanoij

born:  ca August 1840 – Amsterdam[47]
died:  12 January 1841 – Amsterdam[8]

Petrus died at his parents’ house at Lindengracht 40 aged just 5 months old.

5.  Theodora Geertruida Formanoij

born:  15 January 1842 – Amsterdam[33]
died:  4 September 1879 - Harderwijk[12]

Theodora was born at the family home at Lindengracht 136 and subsequently relocated to Harderwijk with her parent's sometime before 1856.  She married Martinus Josephus Hubertus Beijsens on 10 May 1876 in Harderwijk[6].  Among the witnesses to the marriage were her younger brother, Petrus Martinus (b 1843) and her uncle, Everhardus Eligius Roosen.

Martinus Beijsens was born in Boorshiem, Limburg, Belgium.  His parents were Jan Matthijs Beijsens and Johanna Maesen, both of whom had already died.  At the time of his marriage, his income was a military pension deriving from his service with the Nationale Militie.

They lived in a house on the Luttekepoortstraat in Harderwijk.

Theodora died in her Luttekepoortstraat house in 1879 aged just 36 years[12].  She died during the birth of twins.  One child, Theodorus Josephus Martinus survived (see below) but the other was stillborn[48,49].

Children of Theodora and Martinus Beijsens

5.1   Maria Louisa Hubertina Beijsens

born:  19 May 1877 - Harderwijk[50]
baptised:  19 May 1877 - Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church
died:  2 July 1877 - Harderwijk[51]

Maria's baptism entry

Maria lived for only 6 weeks.

5.2   Antonius Hubertus Beijsens

born:  3 June 1878 - Harderwijk[52]
died:  26 June 1878 - Harderwijk[53]

Antonius survived for only 3 weeks.

5.3   Unnamed child

born:  4 September 1879 - Harderwijk
died: 4 September 1879 - Harderwijk[48]

Still born child, not named.  This was the twin of  Theodorus Josephus Martinus.

Theodorus Josephus Martinus Beijsens

born:  4 September 1879 - Harderwijk[49]
died:  ?

Theodorus married Baukje Alkema on 11 May 1904 in Utrecht[54].  Baukje was born ca 1879 in Franeker, Friesland.  Her parents were Rinse Alkema and Antje Kingma.

Theodorus and Baukje were divorced on 22 June 1923.

Martinus Josephus Hubertus Beijsens married again after the death of Theodora. On 1 December 1880 he married Gerharda Johanna Bensink in Harderwijk[14].  Gerharda was 36 years old and was born in Harderwijk on 25 March 1844[58].  Her parents were Gerhardus Bensink and Clara Petronella Toost.

In 1889, Martinus worked as a Butcher[62].  Martinus died on 12 May 1919 in Hatert (a suburb of Nijmegen)[57].  He was probably living with his daughter Clara.  His son-in-law, Hendrik de Kroon, certified the death.  Martinus was 76 years old.

Gerharda died on 10 March 1927 in Nijmegen[60].  She was 82 years old.

Martinus and Geharda had two children:-

a)   Clara Petronella Beijsens

born:  16 November 1881 - Harderwijk[55]
died:  ?

On 11 August 1909 Clara married Hendrik de Kroon in Harderwijk[13].  Hendrik was born in Tiel ca 1876.  Hendrik was a Seargent in the Kolonial Reserve.  Hendrik was still in that position when his father-in-law died in 1919[57].

b)   On 11 July 1884 Martinus and Gerharda legitimised one child named Gerhardus Wilhelmus[56].  Gerhardus was born on 22 October 1864 when Gerharda was unmarried[59].  Was this Martinus' child?.

Gerhardus married Hendrika Jacoba Stephania Roël[61,62]. They had one son, Gerardus Martinus Hubertus Beijsens, born 1887, who died aged only 11 months on 4 September 1888[61].  Hendrika had already died - perhaps in childbirth?

Gerhardus then married Juliana Doedel on 6 February 1889 in Amsterdam[62].  He was still only 24 year old.  His occupation was stated as Butcher's Assistant (maybe apprentice).  Juliana was 26 years old and her parents were Peter Geerts Doedel and Tjiets Bosma.  She was born ca 1862 in Kuinre, Overijssel.

Gerhardus and Juliana has (at least) 3 children:-

   (i)   Petrus Hermanus Gerhardus Beijsens was born ca 1891 in Amsterdam. On 14 June 1917 he married Anna Christina Klumper in Amsterdam[63].

   (ii)   Josephus Gerhardus Martinus Beijsens was born ca 1892 in Amsterdam.  On 30 May 1917 he married Johanna Korver in Amsterdam[64].

   (iii)   Gerhardus Albertus Beijsens was born ca 1897 in Amsterdam.  On 15 June 1921 he married Maia Elisabeth Engelberts in Amsterdam[65].

6.  Petrus Martinus Formanoij

born:  23 June 1843 – Amsterdam[26]
died:  26 November 1920 – Harderwijk[69]
buried:  30 November 1920 - Harderwijk[84]

Petrus was born at his parents’ house at Lindengracht 136, Amsterdam.

Petrus married Catharina van de Weijer on 21 August 1878 in Harderwijk[7].  Catharina was born on 27 January 1846 in Harderwijk[66]  Her parents were Joannes van de Weijer and Johanna Kock. but living in Amsterdam just prior to the marriage.   Their marriage banns were published in Amsterdam on 4th and 11th of August.

The marriage certificate states that Petrus was unemployed but this is because he had been discharged from his service in the Nationale Militie only on 20 July and had not taken up working as a Coppersmith with his father[7].  His discharge certificate indicates he was granted reprieve because he had a brother still serving - but who was this?.  Petrus had served in the Nationale Militie for 15 years.

Catharina died in their Luttekepoortstraat house on 8 May 1879 in Harderwijk[67].  Possibly she died during childbirth but no child has been found.  

Petrus then married a second time with Johanna Jacoba Verhaar on 23 June 1880 in Harderwijk[16].  Johanna was born in Utrecht on 11 November 1847 and was 32 years of age when she married[68].  She was one of twins.  Her parents were Anthonij Verhaar and Jacoba Elzendoorn both living in Utrecht.  Their marriage banns were published in Utrecht on 6th and 13th of June.

Petrus' occupation was Coppersmith, perhaps working with his father.  

In 1908, Petrus worked as a Tinsmith and was living at Luttekepoortstraat 131 in Harderwijk[17].


Petrus and Johanna lived  in this street.   All of their children were born here.

Petrus died at home on 26 November 1920.  Johanna died in Enschede on 25 December 1925 living with her 4th child, Johannes Theodorus Formanoij[29].  She had arrived from Rotterdam only 9 days before.

Petrus Martinus Formanoij is 2nd from right.  Photo ca 1916, Harderwijk.
Thanks to Ivo Formanoij

Petrus, Johanna and their children are listed in the Harderwijk Roman Catholic church register :-

(note:  Johannes Theodorus is incorrectly entered as Joannes Martinus)

Petrus and Johanna had six children

6.1   Maria Antonia Hendrika Formanoij

born:  26 July 1881 - Harderwijk[18]
baptised:  27 July 1881 - Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[70]
died:  8 September 1906 - Harderwijk[71]  
buried:  12 September 1906 - Harderwijk[84]

Maria's baptism entry

Maria died at her parents' house at Luttekepoortstraat 131 aged only 25 years.
6.2   Antonius Petrus Adrianus Formanoij

born:  22 July 1882 - Harderwijk[19]
baptised:  23 July 1882 - Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[73]
died:  ?

Antonius was born at his parent's Luttekepoortsraat house.

Antonius' baptism entry

He married Maria Willemina Hendrika Putters on 7 Sep 1910 in Utrecht[72].  Maria was 28 years old and born in Utrecht.  Her parents were Johannes Hendricus Putters and Johanna Roos.

6.3   Richardus Adrianus Formanoij

born:  23 September 1884 - Harderwijk[20]
baptised:  23 September 1884 - Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[74]
died:  8 March 1945 - Apeldoorn Gelderland[76]

Richardus' baptism entry

Richardus left Harderwijk for Rotterdam on 1 March 1907[28].  Later he lived at Westerbaenstraat 185 in Den Haag with his family[75].  He married Hendrika van Aken (maybe on 6 September 1911) and they had (at leastt) 1 child:-

Johanna Jacoba Maria Formanoij
born:  11 September 1912 in Den Haag[75]

Richardus died on 8 March 1945 in Apeldoorn, Gelderland[76].  His occupation is stated as Hotel Manager.  He was 60 years old

6.4   Petrus Johannes Formanoij

born:  18 May 1886 - Harderwijk[21]
baptised:  19 May 1886 - Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[78]
died:  3 March 1910 - Harderwijk[77]
buried: 7 March 1910 - Harderwijk[84]

Petrus' baptism entry

He worked as a Coppersmith. Petrus left Harderwijk on 16 March 1907 for Laren, North Holland.  He then lived in Alphen, South Holland, before returning to Harderwijk on 22 October 1909.

6.5   Johannes Theodorus Formanoij

born:  26 December 1887 - Harderwijk[22]
baptised:  27 December 1887 - Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[88]
(but incorrectly named Johannes Antonius)
died:  ?

He must have left Harderwijk because he is reported to have returned on 3 December 1908 from Hilversum and he worked as a Housepainter’s Servant.  On 21 July 1909 he left again, this time for Enschede[28,29].

He married Elisabeth Margrietha Putters on 25 September 1912 in Utrecht[79].  Elisabeth was the sister of Maria who married Petrus’ older brother, Antonius, two years earlier. Elisabeth was born on 2 February 1889 in Utrecht[29].  In Enschede, Johannes worked as a Housepainter[29,30].  On 16 December 1925, Johannes’ mother, Johanna Jacoba Verhaar, arrived from Rotterdam to Enschede to be with them during her last days. She died on 25 December 1925[29].  She was probably previously living with her other son, Richardus, in Rotterdam.

Interestingly, although raised in the RomanCatholic faith, Johannes declares no faith ("geen" = none) on the Enschede bevolkingsregister card.

Johannes and Elisabeth had three children[29]:-

6.5.1   Johanna Maria Formanoij – born: 8 March 1915 - Enschede

6.5.2   Johannes Formanoij – born: 4 December 1915 - Enschede[30]

6.5.3   Piet Formanoij – born: 4 September 1918 - Enschede

6.6   Henricus (Henri) Formanoij

born:  30 October 1889 - Harderwijk[23]
baptised:  30 October 1889 - Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[80]
died:  ?

In December 1909, he may have entered military service[28].  On 2 November 1910 he was reported to have returned to Harderwijk from Venray.  In September 1913 he moved to Enschede[28,29].  Interestingly, although he is shown on his brother’s Bevolkingsregister card  (Johannes Theodorus[29]), he was living at Sumatrastraat 38.  He returned again to Harderwijk in June 1914, staying with Petrus Martinus at his Luttekepoortstraat 131 house[28].  He worked as a Carpenter[28].  In October 1916 he went to Kampen returning again to Harderwijk in February 1917[28].

Henri married Susanna Catharina van de Weijer on 10 Apr 1918 in Harderwijk[24].  Their marriage certificate states Susanna’s age as 28 years.  Susanna was born on 3 October 1889 in Harderwijk[81].  She was baptised the following day at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[82].  Her parents were Fredricus Christoffel van de Weijer and Helena Johanna Battefeld.

Henri and Susanna had (at least) two children:-

6.6.1   Johanna Jacoba Formanoij - baptised: 24 September 1919 - Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[87]

6.6.2   Fredricus Christoffel Formanoij - baptised: 10 January 1922 - Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church[86]

7.  Franciscus Formanoij

born:  August 1844 – Amsterdam[83]
died:  17 January 1845 – Amsterdam[27]

Franciscus died at his parents’ house at Lindengracht 136 aged less than 1 year.

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