Petronella Roosen (b 1795)

Johannes Theodorus Rosen & Antonia Maria Peeters

31 October 1795
Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]


Petronella was baptised at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church on 16 October 1796[1].  Her godmother was noted as Maria Sybilla Rosen (nee Rinck) who travelled from Aldenhoven.  Presumably, she arrived well in advance of the birth to assist here daughter-in-law and be present at the baptism.

It must have been quite a journey for Maria Sibylla Rinck, aged 64 years at the time, to travel all the way from Aldenhoven to Harderwijk in those days.  This baptism occurred just over one year since Maria Sibylla's husband, Petrus Rosen died in Aldenhoven.

Also note the spelling oddities - Roossen and in the same section Roosen when actually Maria Sibylla's surname was Rosen in German.

Nothing more is known about Petronella.

Petronella Roosen baptism entry in Harderwijk Catholic Church Book