Petrus Josephus Roosen (b 1796)

Johannes Theodorus Rosen & Antonia Maria Peeters

16 October 1796 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
25 December 1870 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[4]

19 December 1822 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[2]
Johanna Barnarda Hulsin(g)(k)
10 July 1801 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[3]
16 February 1870 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[5]

Karel Louwrens Theodorus
Antonia Maria Margareetha
Johannes Hendrikus

Margareta Bernarda
Hendrika Josephina
Anna Antonia

Johannis Hendrikus
Theodora Lucia
Fransina Maria


Petrus Josephus was baptised at the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church on 16 October 1796[1].

Johanna Bernarda was baptised on 10 July 1801, also in the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church.  Johanna Barnarda’s parents were Johannes Henricus Hulsin(g)(k) (died, 28 January 1808) and Margareta de Vente[2].

Johanna Bernarda Hulsing baptism entry in the Harderwijk Catholic Church book

Johanna Bernarda Hulsing Extract of Birth

Petrus Josephus was 26 years of age and Johanna Barnarda was 21 years of age when they were married in 1822. Petrus’ occupation is stated as Carpentry Joiner and he was probably working with his father. 

Official marriage certificate dated 19 Dec

Roman Catholic Church book marriage entry of 25 December

It appears that they married in the church 6 days after their "official wedding".

Their marriage certificate includes 5 addenda  which include:-
  • certificate excusing Petrus Josephus from military service
  • Petrus Josephus’ extract of birth
  • certificate stating the death of Antonia Maria Peeters
  • Johanna Barnarda’s extract of birth
  • certificate stating the death of Johanna Barnarda’s father
At the time of their marriage, it was compulsory for young men to be registered for military service (Nationale Militie) when they became 18 years of age. The certificate  excusing him from service (dated 19 November 1822) describes him as being 1.70 metres tall with blue eyes, dark brown hair and having a high forehead and a large nose and mouth.

Where did they live?
Petrus Josephus and Johanna Barnarda lived their entire lives in Harderwijk. When Antonia Maria Margareetha (1825) and Johannes Hendrikus (1826) were born, the family was living at Olijstraatje 471[6,7]. This is also confirmed from a house list of 1825[17]. This street has now disappeared and is covered by  a shopping complex[8].

When Margareta Bernarda (1827) was born, they had moved to Schoenmakerstraat 442[9] but moved to Bruggestraat 109 in 1829 when Hendrika Josephina was born. [Today, number 109 is number 16[8]].

Location of Schoenmakerstraat 442

Luttekepoortstraat (south end)

Luttekepoortstraat (north end)

The 1830 Census of Harderwijk[10] showed Petrus Josephus and Johanna Barnarda, living at Bruggestraat 109. Petrus was 33 years of age, unmarried and working as a Cabinetmaker.  Their religion was stated to be Roman Catholic.

Also living with them were three children – Karel Louwrens Theodorus, Margareta Bernarda and Hendrika Josephina. By this time, their second child, Antonia Maria Margareetha, had already died (28 April 1825[11]) after living for only 3 days as had Johannes Hendrikus (24 April 1826[12]) who only lived for 7 days.  Johanna’s mother, Margareta was also living at this address and was 71 years old.

Bruggestraat 16 (was 109 in 1830s)

They were still living at Bruggestraat 109 in 1832 when Anna Antonia was born[13] and also in 1835 when Johannis Hendrikus was born[14] and Petrus stated his occupation as Carpentry Joiner.  However when Theodora Lucia was born in 1839, Petrus and Johanna had moved to Bruggestraat 114[15] and they were still there in 1841 when Fransina Maria was born[16].

The Harderwijk Census of 1840[18] stated that the family was living at Bruggestraat 111.  Was this a recording error or did they move from 114 to 111 and back again to 114 in less than a year?  The census also stated that there were four other adults living at the same address – so, a rather crowded house!  Petrus’ occupation was again stated as Cabinetmaker.

Harderwijk's register of inhabitants for the periods of 1862-1870 and 1870-1880 has Petrus and his family living at Bruggestraat 44[21,22].  This the renumbered 114.  Throughout the period from 1862 to 1880, Petrus' occupation is stated as Carpentry Joiner.

Passing on
Johanna Barnarda died in 1870 at their Bruggestraat house in Harderwijk[5].  It is expected that this was number 44.

from Johanna Bernarda's death certificate

Johanna Bernarda's death announcement in the Overveluwsch Weekblad newspaper
on 19 February 1870.

Karel Louwrens Theodorus lodged the death certificate for his father, Petrus Josephus, who died 10 months later at his house in the Bruggestraat, Harderwijk[4].

– Bruggestraat 22 (today’s number, white lower front. Number was 114 in 1800s)

This house was owned by Petrus Josephus but he never lived there.  The Harderwijk records describe it is a capital house with a garden.  In 1872, ownership passed to his daughter, Margareta Bernarda[8].

In 1888, she sold it to her son-in-law, Hendrikus Lambertus Hoedemaker. His wife, Maria Frederica Louisa Roosen had already passed away. Sometime later, it was sold again to another ‘Hoedemaker’.

In October 2003, it was a restaurant named De Dolle Griet (The Crazy Girl). It appears to have retained the original timber floor and ceiling panelling.  It has a warm, cosy interior.

The records of Harderwijk's St Martinus Roman Catholic church recorded Petrus' death and also noted that he was the church's Organist[20].

The organ installed in the Grootepoortstraat church at the time was made made around 1820 and was moved from the Catholic Church in the Herenstraat in Utrecht to Harderwijk in 1827 and refurbished by the organ maker - Wander Beekes.  Beekes was well known as a maker of organs for the catholic church.

In 1913,  St Martinus Church was closed and the organ was again moved, this time to the new Catharina Church Convent.

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Petrus' death announcement appeared on 31 December 1870 in the Overveluwsch Weekblad newspaper.

After his death, Petrus was removed from the Electoral Register of Harderwijk.  This was published by the Mayor in the Overveluwsch Weekblad newspaper on 4 March 1871.

Petrus Josephus Roosen baptism entry in Harderwijk Catholic Church Book
Petrus Josephus Roosen and Johanna Barnarda Hulsing marriage certificate
Johanna Barnarda Hulsing extract of birth
Petrus Josephus Roosen death certificate
Johanna Barnarda Hulsing death certificate
Antonia Maria Margareetha Roosen birth certificate
Johannes Hendrikus Roosen birth certificate
Karel Uittien – personal communication, Oct 2003
Margareta Bernarda Roosen birth certificate
1830 Harderwijk Census
Antonia Maria Margareetha Roosen death certificate
Johannes Hendrikus Roosen death certificate
Anna Antonia Roosen birth certificate
Johannis Hendrikus Roosen birth certificate
Theodora Lucia Roosen birth certificate
Fransina Maria Roosen birth certificate
Lijst der Hiuzen (ca 1825), Harderwijk Archive Inventaris 945
1840 Harderwijk Census
Hendrika Josephina Roosen birth certificate
20 Martijn Pijnenburg, Personal communication 22 November 2009
21Harderwijk bevolkingsregister 1862-1870
22Harderwijk bevolkingsregister 1870-1880