Peter Rosen (b ca 1735)

ca 1735

7 October 1794 Aldenhoven, Germany[1,5]
buried:7 October 1794Aldenhoven, Germany[7]

14 April 1761 St Martinus Church, Aldenhoven, Germany[1,3,8]
Maria Sibylla Rinck
26 October 1731 St Martinus Church, Aldenhoven, Germany[2,9]
8 November 1817 Aldenhoven, Germany[4,6,10]

Maria/Anna Elisabeth
Johannes Theodorus
Anna Gertrude

Maria Agatha
Johanna Maria Theresa


Peter Rosen
Peter was his commonly used name.  Church documents refer to him in the latin form of Petrus.

Not very much is known of the origins of Peter other than he was married in Aldenhoven and probably lived there after his marriage and that he died there. He was probably unskilled.  He was of the Roman Catholic faith.

There are a few other Rosen's listed in the Aldenhoven church registers and as far away as Ahrweiler and Altenahr (over 100km south-west) but no positive connection with this Peter has yet been made.

Maria Sibylla Rinck
Maria Sibylla was baptised on 26 October 1731 at St Martinus Roman Catholic Church in Aldenhoven.  Her parents were Jacobi Rinck and Joanna Malmelthier.  Her godparents were Clement Malmethier and  ?[2,9].

baptism entry from St Martinus Church records

Marriage and later

Peter and Maria Sibylla were married at St Martinus Catholic Church in Aldenhoven on 14 April 1761[1,3,8]
The witnesses noted in the church register were Winand Somer and Franz Rinck.

marriage entry from St Martinus Church records

Passing On
Peter died on 7 October 1794 and was buried in the town cemetery on the same day[5,7].  According to his burial entry, he died of dysentry[7].

Peter Rosen, Extract of Death


Government district Aachen, district Julich
Municipality Aldenhoven.

Extract from the death documents of this municipality.

In the year thousand seven hunderd ninety four (1794) seventh day of October Petrus Rosen died and was buried at the cemetery.

Took place Aldenoven on 7  July 1800 for this extract

The Mayor

burial entry from St Martinus Church records

Maria Sibylla Rinck died in Aldenhoven on 8 November 1817 at 3.00pm[6,10].  Her death was declared by Arnold Lövenich (her grandson, aged 33 years, farmhand) and Martin Ürling (aged 21 years, farmhand and neighbour) to Johan Wilhelm Sützeler, then Mayor of Aldenhoven on 9 November.

Maria Sibylla Rinck, Extract of Death


Extract of the death certificates of this municipality
No. 24 death certificate

Municipality Aldenhoven district Julich administrative district of Aachen

In the year 1817 the 9th November came to me Johann Wilhelm Sützeler ..... mayor of Aldenhoven and civil servant of the registry office, the Arnold Loevenich, 33 years old, profession farm hand, living in Aldenhoven, who said to be a grandson of the late person and Martin Ürling, 21 years old, profession farm hand, living in Aldenhoven, who said to be a neighbour of the late person and both declared that on the 8th November in the year 1817 in the afternoon at 3 o'clock died Maria Sibilla Rinck widow of Peter Rosen, born in Aldenhoven district Aachen, 90 years old, profession none, in Aldenhoven district Aachen, daughter of Johann Rinck and unknown (mother).

So both persons who declared this, after reading of this certificate signed it with me.  But Arnold Loevenich declared to be unable to sign (because he couldn't write).

Took place Aldenhoven year month and day as before

Martin Urlings    .....Sützeler

Took place Aldenhoven the 7th July 1800 twenty three for the excerpt.

from Maria Sibylla Rinck's death certificate

A  review of the residents of Aldenhoven in 1799 mentions Peter and Maria Sibylla[4].  Peter had died by this time and Maria Sibylla was living in poor economic circumstances at Marktfestestrasse 26.  Her occupation was stated as Day Labourer (Tagelöhnerin).

Living in the same house was her daughter, Maria/Anna Elisabeth, and 13 year old son, Johannes Arnold Lövenich.

Also living in the same house were Ludwig Lövenich and his wife Magdalena Moll.  Ludwig may have been the head of the house.  Ludwig may have been an uncle or older brother of Josef.

From Aldenhoven Im Jahre 1799, Willi Doven & Gunter Bers, 1997

There are no original houses remaining in the Marktfestestrasse now.  All appear to have been re-built since 1945[11].

Maria Sibylla Rinck’s Family[1,2,3]

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In 1799, a certain Anton Rinck (aged 59 years) and his wife, Sibilla Wolff (aged 40 years) were living at 22 Marktfestestrasse in Aldenhoven[4].

An Anton Rinck was also named as a godparent of Maria Agatha Rosen[1].  Reference 4 shows him living at 22 Marktfestestrasse.

Peter Rosen was named as the godfather of Katarina Gertrud Rinck at her baptism on 5 May 1777.  Her parents were Anton Rinck and Maria Margaretha Wolff[1].

A certain Franz Rinck was named as the godfather of Maria/Anna Elisabeth Rosen[1].

A certain Petronella Malmathir was named as the godmother of Johannes Theodorus Rosen[1].

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