Theodorus Wilhelmus Carolus Roosen (b 1881)

Peterus Theodorus Roosen & Geertruida Philippina Paulina Mulder

15 November 1881 Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[1]
died:17 March 1955Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[14]

15 May 1907 Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[5]
Anna Hendrika Werker
14 March 1884 Amsterdam, North Holland, NL[11]

Geertruide Theodora Maria Anna Gerada Theodora Maria

Antonia Jacoba Anna Maria Maria Josephina Anna

Josephina Afra Maria Theodorus Maria


When Theodorus was born in 1881, his family was living at Bloemstraat 86 in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam[1].

From Theodorus' birth certificate

As a youth, he was an excellent singer at the nearby Roman Catholic church which was located in the Rozengracht.

Theodorus was a witness at his older brother’s marriages – Wilhelmus Johannes in 1905 and Josephus Theodorus in 1906. On both marriage certificates, his occupation is stated as Carpenter[2,3].

Theodorus and Anna Hendrika Werker were married in May 1907.  Anna Hendrika’s parents were Geradus Werker and Anna Catharina Heimen. Witnesses to the marriage included Theodorus’ brother Wilhelmus Johannes and his uncle, Jacobus Johannes Lambertus Rault.

Bloemstraat 86, Amsterdam

From Theodorus and Anna's marriage certificate

Theodorus and Anna's marriage announcement[10]

Theodorus received his own Amsterdam Gezinskaart (inhabitant's card) also in May 1907. The first entry notes he is a Carpenter[4].  His first address as a married man was Spuistraat 59 and his first daughter Geertruide Theodora Maria was born there.  This address is only 5 buildings down the street from the home/shop of his brother, Wilhelmus Johannes Roosen.

By August 1909, the family had moved to Nieuwezijds Kolk 18[4].  

Theodorus' Amsterdam Gezinskaart

NZ Kolk is a small street which runs between the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal and the Nieuwendijk.

NZ Kolk 18 no longer exists. Its location is now covered by a new office building

Theodorus and Anna on their 50th wedding anniversary

Left - Nieuwezijds Kolk 18 (centre house)

Theodorus and Anna lived at the Nieuwezijds Kolk 18 house for many years and all of their other children were born there[4]. In 1917, Anna’s mother lived with them for a period of 6 months. Theodorus is noted in the list of the Names of the Electors for the city of Amsterdam in 1919.

In 1912, disaster struck.  Theodorus was declared bankrupt.  It is not known why this occurred but maybe he had a dispute over a building project or maybe he just fell on hard times.

From a newspaper notice[10]

For many years, Anna managed a confectionary shop in the Spaarndammerstraat called Jasmin[6]. It is said that children from the neighbourhood were always keen to be friends of her children!

In September 1935, Theodorus and Anna moved to Kinkerstraat 61, Amsterdam.  In March 1936 they moved to Frederik Hendrikstraat 108 (3rd floor)[4, 9,12].

Theodorus passed away on 17 March 1955 in Amsterdam.  Theodorus Maria Roosen (b1922) remembers his father as a quiet and very caring father and his mother as very caring also - a happy, warm house and family[8].

From Theodorus W C death certificate

Spuistraat 59 (in 2007)
Theo and Anna's home is now home to the pink ladies!
Kinkerdtraat 61 (in 2007)

Theodorus and Anna Hendrika signing the marriage register at the wedding of their son, Theodorus Maria and Petronella Kanters van Eersel on 7 Octtober 1948.  Petronella is in the background[13].

Anna Hendrika and grandaughter, Patricia Petronella Roosen (b1950)[13].

Theodorus Wilhelmus Carolus Roosen birth certificate
Wilhemus Johannes Roosen & Antonette Johanna Post marriage certificate
Josephus Theodorus Roosen & Aafje Tulp marriage certificate
Theodorus Wilhelmus Carolus Roosen Amsterdam Gezinskaart
Theodorus Wilhelmus Carolus Roosen & Anna Hendrika Werker marriage certificate
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