Wilhelmina Johanna Roosen (b 1828)

Johannes Theodorus Rosen & Johanna Elisabeth Leenen

21 May 1828 Harderwijk, Gelderland, NL[1]
died: after 1870 probably Harderwijk


Apart from her birth detail, we know very little about Wilhelmina Johanna. She was born at her parents’ house at Luttekepoortstraat 332 on a Wednesday. She was mentioned in the 1830 census of Harderwijk[2] and again in the 1840 census[3] (but incorrectly noted as Wilhelmina Helena).

From Wilhelmina Johanna's birth certificate

During the period 1855-1862, she is noted as living with her mother and two siblings Hendrikus Kornelis and Josephus Eligius in the Luttekepoortstraat[4].  She is noted as not married.

During the period 1862-1870, she is noted to be still living with her two brothers[5].

Later in 1878-1880, the register records her living at Grootemarktstraat 6 and as Head of the household.  No other persons are recorded to be living with her.  She remained unmarried.

In the register of 1885-1919, it is noted that Wilhelmina left Harderwijk for Amersfoort on 21 August 1895 destined for the Roman Catholic Liefgesticht (old person's home)[7].

Wilhelmina Johanna Roosen birth certificate
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