What's New?

I try to keep improving my family history site.  Below, you can find a list of major and not so major updates.  If there is anything you think can be improved or added, please let me know.

Wherever references to birth, marriage or death certificates are mentioned, if I have copies of these I am happy to share - just ask.

I would love to hear from anyone who has information, photos or other documents which adds to the information on this website.  Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Jan 2021
Updated Hickey-Kinder-Snip page with additional information and illustrated linkage to the Roffey family.

Jul 2020
Corrected Mary Hickey baptism date and added copy of baptism entry.

April 2020
Updtaed My Family Groups with new format - try them out.
Updated My Family Tree with added birth, marriage and death information recently obtained.
New page - Aldenhoven Connected Families - a work in progress to try and connect relevant families - Rosen, Rinck, Malmethier and Krichel.  Just a dump of names at the moment.  Any help appreciated.
Huge update to Agatha Sara Roosen 1799.  many new baptisms, population registers and others.

June 2018
Updated Crask(e) family tree.

April 2018
Back on line.
Can it be that I made no updates in 2017?  Wow.  I will make up for that in 2018!
In this update, I have made a few obvious changes such as enlarging the text size in the Menu.  I have made many structural changes which simplify the website but you will not see these. 
I have tested all the pages and I hope I have not left any bad links - please let me know if I have.

December 2016
- Updated  Johannes Theodorus Ro(o)sen b1764.  Added baptism entryfor Johannes and certificates for Johanna Elisabeth Leenen.
- Updated Josephus Theodorus Roosen b1831.  New documents and information and a photo!

November 2016
In Sep-Oct, I  enjoyed a visit to the Netherlands and a few days in Germany.  I collected more than 800 new documentss and I will try to process as many of these as possible.  For me, I was excited to get hold of copies of entries from the St Martinus Church book from Aldenhoven mid-1700s and see directly the baptism, marriage and burial entries of the oldest ancestors.  Sadly, the origin of old Peter Rosen b ca1735 is still a mystery but that probably gives me another excuse for a visit!
- Updated Peter (Petrus) Rosen b ca1735.  Added St Martinus Church entries for marriage, Peter's burial, Maria Sibylla Rinck's baptism and her death certificate.
- Updated Maria Elisabetha Rosen b1761.  Added baptism entry and death certificate.  Added baptim records for Lovenich children and burial record for Johannes Gottfridus.
- Updated Johanna Maria Theresa Rosen b1773.  Added baptism entry.
- Updated Anna Gertrude Rosen b1767.  Added baptism and burial entries.
- Updated Maria Agatha Rosen b1770.  Added baptism and burial entries.
- Updated  Hickey-Kinder-Snip page.
- Updated Aldenhoven page.
- Updated St Martinus Church, Aldenhoven page.

April 2016
- Updated many Lethlean family details in Sarah Ann(e) Punch b1857.
- Updated John Joseph Punch b1827.  New arrival details, one daughter, Elizabeth, added to family.

11 January  2016
- Updated Thomas Punch b1796.  Added baptism entry and death certificate for Ann Brown.
- Separated stories for Sarah Ann Punch b1847, Ann Maria Punch b1849, Thomas William Punch b1854, Henry Punch b1856, George James Punch b1858, James Joseph Punch b1866, William Thomas Punch b1863 - all children of Thomas James and Catherine Lock.
- Updated Alfred Punch b1861.  Added inquest details, added pages for Captain John Griffiths.
- Updated Lethlean family details in Sarah Ann(e) Punch b1857.

10 January 2016
- New family story - George Herbert Kinder b1888.
- Updated Alijda Bernarda Roosen b1839.  Added second marriage details.  Added marriage dtails for children Wilhelmus Antonius Zikking/Perquin. Bernardus Th Albertus Zikkin/Boeckx and Barbara Geertrudis Jos Zikking/Croin.  Added marriage details for Antje Maria Elisabeth Zikking/Graafmans.

18 December 2015
- New family story - Stuart William Kinder b1887.
- Updated Enoch Leslie Kinder b1883.  Updated Kinniff and Howes details.
- Added baptism for Antonia Maria Peters b1771.
- Added death notices for Petrus Josephus Roosen b1796 and Johanna Bernarda Hulsin(k)(g).  Added notice of Petrus' removal from the Harderwijk electoral register.  Included additional house information.
- Added house data for Margaretha Bernarda Roosen b 1827, Fransina Maria Roosen b1841, Karel Louwrens Theodorus Roosen b1823,  Anna Antonia  Roosen 1832, Joannis Hendrikus Roosen b1835.
- Added death certificate and details for 
Karel Louwrens Theodorus Roosen b1823.
- Updated Antonia Helena Roosen b1823 house details.

11 March 2015
- Updated Thomas James Punch b ca1825.  Added Catherine Lock's inquest papers and grave photos.  Added Thomas James' Indenture.   Added Thomas James & Dorothy Cottam/Wilkinson marriage certificate.  Added birth, marriage and census details for Dorothy Cottam/Wilkinson.  Added Thomas James Punch Last Will and Probate.

6 March 2015
- Updated most miscellaneous family trees to include menu system.
- Added Ramsbottom family tree.

27 February 2015
- Updated Louisa Charlotte Punch b1836.
- Updated Charles Alexander Punch b1832.
- Updated Alfred Punch b1861.
- Updated Thomas James Punch b ca1825.
- Updated Early Punch Family.

- Updated Skoglund family tree.

4 February 2015
- Updated Agatha Sara Roosen b1799 with marriage and children details.  Updated family group sheet.
- Updated Petrus Rosen ca1734 with translation of his death certificate and death certificate of Maria Sibylla Rinck.
- Updated Alijda Bernarda Roosen b1839 with Amsterdam addresses.  Added Petronella Margaretha Perquin death date and place.  Added Hendrikus Johannes b1862 death details.
- Updated Geertruida Antonia Maria Roosen b1856.  Added  two new grandchildren - Dirk & Anna Maria.  Added many house addresses.
- Updated the Roosen Wall Chart.
- Updated the Van der Voorde-Roosen Family Tree.
- Updated the Neidig-Roosen Family Tree.
- Added a Mulder-Roosen Relationship Chart.
- Updated Roosen Stamboom.

2 September 2014
- Updated John Crask b ca1779 and Sarah/Susanna Neve.
- New family story for Anne Neve Crask b1807.
- Updated Crask family tree.
- Updated Sarah Ann Neve Crask b1808.
- Updated James William Crask b1810.

6 May 2014
- Updated Hickey-Kinder-Snip page
- Updated Rault-Roosen Connection tree

14 April 2014
- New family story for Alida Maria Post b1823.
- New family story for Anthonius Post b1852.
- New family stories for Antonetta Joanna Post b1878, Antonette Johanna Post b1879, Johannes Matthijs Post b1880, Alida Maria Post b1882, Johannes Franciscus Anthonius Post b1886, Anna Alida Francisca Maria Post, 1886, Johannes Wilhelmus Antonius Post b1894 and Jan Post b1895.
- Updated Post family tree.
- Added new story for John Kinder b1777.  Added
baptism and family details for Mary Isherwood.
- Added separate page for Betty Kinder b1781.
- Added marriage date and Mary Lingard's middle name to Thomas Kinder b1838.
- Added Sarah Ellen Sherliker's birth and baptism details to Herbert Kinder b1868.
- Added new story for James Kinder b1751.

15 November 2013
Now just moving forward with my Post family...
- New sections for Post Foreword and Post Surname
New family story for My Earliest Post Family.
- New family story for Marten Post b1723.
- New family story for Marten's children:- Harmen Post b1753Anthonie Post b1755, Willempje Post b1758 and  Kaatje Post b1763.
- Greatly updated Post Family Tree.
- New family story for Anthonie Post b1786.
- Family stories for Willem Post b1786, Marten Post b1784, Johanna Post b 1794, Jacoba Post b 1801 and Reijer Post b1790.

26 August 2013
- New family story for Arthur Kinder b1874.
- New family story for Bertha Kinder 1874.  She married Isaiah Bord and emigrated to the USA.
- New family story for Joel Kinder b1877.
- New family story for Lucy Kinder b1879.
- New family story for James Kinder b1882.

18 August 2013
- New family stories for the children of Thomas Kinder b1838 - John Thomas b1864, Mary Anne b1865, Arthur b1866, Herbert b 1868, Ernest b 1870 and Percy b1874.

16 August 2013
- New family story added for Sarah Kinder b1841.
- New family story added for Samuel Kinder b1845.

13 August 2013
- Updated John Kinder b1851.  Added wife, Ellen Buttery details.
- Updated Joseph Kinder b1848.  Added marriage certificate.  General update.
- New format Kinder Family Tree added.

9 August 2013
- Completely revised My Earliest Kinders to include new data and certificates.
- Changed the format of the Kinder section of the menu.  More to come.
- Updated the story for James Kinder b1779 to include first marriage details.

28 July 2013
- Updated Links page.
- Added a new section -- User Guide.
- Added new family chapter for Frederick Laban Punch b1891.
- Updated Punch Family Tree.
- Added new family chapter for Enoch Leslie Kinder b1883.
- Added new family chapter for Frances Ruby Kinder b1884.

17 March 2013
- Added background note re the Free Christian Church.
- Added birth detail of Annette Turner who married Alfred Kinder b1848.
- Added new family story for Henry Emery Kinder b1881.
- Added family information for Roffey.
- Added Roffey family tree.

8 March 2013
- Added new family story for Ellen-Eleanor Kinder b1873.
- Added new family story for Marion Kinder b1875.
- Added new family story for John Henry Kinder b1878.
- Added new family story for Lillian Elizabeth Kinder b1879.
- Added new related family tree - Skoglund.

1 March 2013
- Added background note re 2nd marriages in 1800s in Victoria.
- Added background note re the Free Church of England in Victoria.
- Added new family chapter for Florence Annie Mary Kinder b1869.
- Added menu links to two related families - Bosisto (still a work in progress) and Snip.
- Added new family chapter for Enoch William Kinder b1868.
- Added new family chapter for Percy William Kinder b1871.
- Added new family chapter for Enoch Henry Kinder b1872.

30 December 2012
 - New family story for Antonia Maria Roosen b1846

24 December 2012
 - New family story for Alijda Bernarda Roosen b1839.

12 December 2012
- Updated Geetruida Antonia Maria Roosen-Formanoij b1856.
- Updated information for Maria Antonia Aleida Roosen/van der Voorde b1882 and children.  Added information for Pieter Willem van der Voorde and Trijntje Sieders.

10 December 2012
- Added new family chapter for Josephus Theodorus Roosen b1831 and new Family Group.
- Added new family chapter for Theodorus Bernardus Roosen b1837.
- Added new Family Group for Peterus Theodorus Roosen b1842.

4 December 2012
- Added marriage certificate for Cyrus Kinder b1839 and Mary Hickey.  Revised parents' names for Mary Hickey.
- Added new story - Hickey-Kinder-Snip connection.
Klaver - New family started.
- Added family stories provided by Ton Klaver.

31 October 2012

- Completed the family chapter for Alfred Punch b1861.
- Completed the family chapter of Louisa Charlotte Punch b1851.
- Updated Charles Alexander Punch b1832.  Added Jones Creek details.
- Updated Sarah Ann Punch b1829.  Added death certificate, added baprism details for John Barnes.  Added burial information from Swan Hill Memorial Park.
- Updated John Joseph Punch b1827.  Added Jones Creek details.

8 October 2012

- Updated Joseph Kinder b1848. Added  1911 UK census information for his daughters Sarah Ellen and Bertha.  Revised burial details.
- Added 1911 Census information to Thomas Kinder b1838.  Updated children details more children found, deaths found.  Mary, wife of Thomas identified as Mary Lingard.
-  Added 1911 Census information to James Kinder b1843.
- Added new child, Samuel,  for John Kinder b1810.
- Cyrus Kinder b1824 - corected details of steamship Golden Age. Added newspaper clippings.  Added name and death details and death certificate fro Elizabeth Kenyon.
- Cyrus Kinder b1855 - added death certificate.  Added death certificate for Eliza Ball.

- Contact made with Paul Kinder in USA.  He is a descendant of Cyrus Kinder b1855.  Look for Paul's work on ancestry.com - pdkinder67.  Paul Kinder has found details of Sidney b1888, William b1891 and Stephen b1892 who all emigrated to the USA.
- Added Matilda Maud Crask birth certificate to Enoch Kinder b1846.
- Added Mary Hickey's death certificate and death details.

3 October 2012
- Major update to Punch family tree and Punch family stories.
- Added marrige and banns images for Thomas ca 1796 and Ann Brown.
- Added more Lethlean family names to Sarah Ann Punch b1857.
- Added and updated separate family chapters for  William Henry Punch b1830, Eliza Jane Punch b1834, Louisa Charlotte Punch b1836, Emily Martha Punch b1838, Helena Punch b1842, Isabella Eleanor Punch b1843, Andrew Benjamin Punch b1845, Charles Alexander Punch b1832, Eliza Jane Punch b1834

27 September 2012
- Big update of Agatha Sara Roosen b1799 family story.  Found additional family member and more birth, marriage and death certificates.

- Added death and burial details for Thomas James Punch b1825 and Catherine Lock b1824 from death certificates.

20 September 2012
- Added new and improved Post family tree.
- Added a Foreword for the Post Family.

2 July 2012

- Added introduction to Emery family.
- Added Emery family tree.

- Added Search page.  This page will search this entire website for single or multiple words contained within these website pages.  It uses the Google search engine.

18 June 2012
- John Crask-Susannah Neve - added banns and parish marriage images.  Modified chapter regarding their origins.  Added parish baptism images for most of their children.  Added 1841 UK Census record.
- Major update to Crask(e) family tree.
- James William Crask b1810.  Many details added.  Baptism and burial images added for most children.
- Francis Neve Crask b1812.  Added his baptism image.  Added Mary Brett's baptism image. Added marriage banns and marriage entry images.
- Mary Ann Craske b1821.  Added baptism image. Added 1851 UK census info.  Marriage to Charles Mallows added.
- New family chapter added - Sarah Ann Neve Crask b1808.

- Deleted "List of Names".

30 April 2012
- Updated Cyrus Kinder b1855 with more census information, additional Eliza Ball information and reference to Paul Kinder, descendant of Sidney.
- Updated John Kinder b1810.
- Added 1911 UK Census detail to John Kinder b1851.

22 April 2012
- Added new family chapter - James Kinder b1843.
- Added new family chapter - John Kinder b1851.
- Added new family chapter - Cyrus Kinder b1855.
- Updated people 30 and 34 identified in the photo of Mary Hickey's large family.

22 January 2012
- Roosen Wall Chart added.  Print it in A1 format. It shows all the family descending from Petrus Rosen and Maria Sybilla Rinck.  As usual, living people not shown.  If you are family, you can request the full version.
- New family chapters - Sarah Ann Punch b1829, Sarah Ann(e) Punch b1857, Henry Punch b1869.
- New family chapter - Maria Amelia Punch b1840.

11 January 2012
- New family chapter - My Early Punch Family.
- New family chapters - Thomas James Punch b ca1825 John Joseph Punch b1827 Charles Alexander Punch b1832, John Joseph Punch b1850, William Henry Punch b1864, Albert Benjamin Punch b1868,
- Added "Post" family to list of names in Genealogy menu..  Updated Post family tree.
- Updated my descendancy table on the Start page.

27 September 2011
- New family chapter - James Kinder b1848 of Bendigo family

22 September 2011
- Added birth, death and burial details for Enoch William Kinder b1868
- Added birth, death and burial details for Percy William Kinder b1871
- Added birth, death and burial details for Enoch Henry/Thomas Kinder b1872
- Added information page - The Lying-in Hospital, Melbourne.
- Added birth, death and burial details for Marion Kinder b1875
- Added birth, death and burial details for John Henry Kinder b1876
- Added new family - Crask. Added chapters for John Crask b1769, James William Crask b ca1810Francis Neve Crask b1812 and Mary Ann Crask b1821.
- Added Crask Family Tree.
- Added more home and address details for Cyrus Kinder b1839, John Franklin Kinder b1843, Enoch Kinder b1846 and Alfred Kinder b1848.
- Added new page to Places - Prahran & Windsor.

16 August 2011
- New family chapter - Alfred Kinder b1848.
- New family chapter - Enoch Kinder b1846.
- Information about the St Kilda General Cemetery added.
- New family chapter - John Franklin Kinder b1843.
- New family chapter - Cyrus Kinder b1839.
- Earliest Kinders.  Added notes regarding the possible of origin of James (who married Mary Rider) relating to Hayfield.
- Added death details for Theodorus Wilhelmus Carolus Roosen.
- Antonia Maria Johanna Roosen b1872.  Added birth cert for Antoinette Wilhelmina Johanna Rault.  Added marriage details for Maria Helena Johanna Rault and Pieter Zonneveld.  Added Jan Zonneveld details.  Added Cornelis Theodorus Jacobus birth certificate.
- Further thoughts on Johannes Theodorus Rosen's move to Harderwijk.
- Maria Fredrica Louisa Roosen b1850 - additional birth and marriage information for the related Hoedemaker family.  Added photo of Baars Hotel.
- Everhardus Eligius Roosen b1834 - added photo, added information living in Amsterdam.
- Added funeral card for Antonette Johanna Post.
- Added Mulder-Roosen family tree.
- Added death certificate for Elisabeth Petronella Roosen b1811.
- Agatha Sara Roosen b1799, added birth detail for Maria HP van Wezep, birth details for Christoph Anton Cremer b1851, death details for Jospeh Cremer b1853.
- Added birth and death certificates for Dina Geertruida Roosen b1877
- Added baptism entry for Peterus Theodorus Roosen b1842, Added details from Amsterdam Bevolkingsregisters.
- Added new Family Groups for, Antonius Roosen b1802, Everhardus Eligius Roosen b1834  

6 February 2011
- Added information about The Hardwicke Act

5 February 2011
- Started the Punch family, added the Foreword and Family Tree, added What's In A Name

1 October 2010
- Added descendants of Johannes Josephus Roozen b1868 to Roosen Stamboom.
- Updated Post-Roosen stamboom.
- Updated Geertruida Antonia Maria Roosen b1856 with marriage details for Maria Antonia Aleida van der Voorde.
- Added Neidig-Roosen family tree.
- Updated death details for Josephus Eligius Roosen b 1831, Johanna Catharina Maria Piels and Johanna Maria Elisabeth Roosen.
- Major  update to Maria Sebilla Roosen b1808. Many names and details added.
- List of Names.  Many new names added.

4 December 2009
- Added new family chapter - Dina Geertruida Roosen b1877.
- Updated the Roosen family tree.
- Updated Antonius Wilhelmus Hendrikus Roosen b1863.  Added baptism detail and photos.
- Updated Josephus Eligius Roosen b1831.  Added baptism detail. Added link to Soomer family website. Added engagement and marriage notices and 12½ years marriage announcement.  Updated birth and death details of Johanna Piels.  Added abode details for 1855-8162
and 1862-1870.  Found birth and death details of daughter.
- Updated Hendrikus Kornelis Roosen b1826.  Added abode details for period 1855-1862
and 1862-1870.
- Updated Wilhelmina Johanna Roosen b1828.  
Added abode details for period 1855-1862, 1862-1870, 1870-1880 and 1885-1919.
- Fixed some links to Family Groups pages.  Fixed broken "Group" links in Family Tree.  Updated Family Group sheets.
- Updated Links page.
- Added new family chapter, Geertruida Antonia Maria Roosen b1856.
- Petrus Josephus Roosen b1796.  Added details of his organ playing in local church.
- Maria Fredrica Louisa Roosen b1850.  Added death details for Anna Berendina Baars. Added burial details for Maria Fredrica Louisa,
Anna Berendina Baars and Hendrikus Lambertus Bernardus Hoedemaker.  Added information re Anna Baars family and children.
- Updated Roosen Only Family Tree.
- Added burial details for Margareta Bernarda Roosen b 1827.

1 November 2009

- Updated Elisabeth Petronella Roosen b1811 with marriage, death and children details.
- Added new menu item - Background Info.  This menu item holds general information relevant to many families, places and events.  Initially, documents concerning the Australian Bounty System of immigration, Two-Up, Two-Down hosuing in England, The Netheralnds Nationale Militie, UK Census DatesCotton Mill Rules of 1851, Marriage Banns and Victorian Miner's Rights information have been uploaded.  It will be further expanded in the future.
- Added further detail to UK Census references in many Kinder family chapters.
- Added details of the
Bendigo Government Camp of the 1800s under Places.
- Antonia Hendrika Roosen/Cornelis Jan Koelewijn - added 5 children to family tree.

18 September 2009
- James Kinder b1779.  Added image of Mary Rider's death certificate.
- James Kinder b1814.  Chapter completed.

15 September 2009
 - My Earliest Kinders. Updated.  Added Wills detail for John Kinder of Gorton and Mary Isherwood of Gorton.  Removed some ideas regarding older family connections.

14 July 2009

- Petrus Josephus Roosen b1796.  Added photo of Bruggestraat 16.
- Margareta Bernarda Roosen b1827.  
Added photo of Bruggestraat 16.
- Everhardus Eligius Roosen b1834.  Added location map for Luttekepoorstraat 132.
Wilhelmus Johannes Roosen b1879   Added photo of  the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal as a canal.  Minor corrections in text.
- Updated the Post-Roosen family tree.
- Updated the Rault-Roosen family tree.

13 July 2009
- Updated van de Heijden-Roosen family tree.
- Everhardus Eligius Roosen b1834.  Added death and burial dates, details and images.  Added baptism details and image.  Added  details of Piusgesticht accommodation.

10 July 2009
- Josephus Roosen b1805 - added 1865 map of Akersloot.
- Theodorus Wilhelmus Carolus Roosen b1881.  Added newspaper marriage announcement.  Added newspaper bankruptcy notice.  Corrected Anna Hendrika Werker's birth date to 1884 (was 1881).  Corrected spelling Anna Hendrike to Anna Hendrika per her birth certificate.  Added photos of Spuistraat 59 and Kinkerstraat 61.  Added two family photographs.

1 July 2009
- Margareta Bernarda Roosen b1827 - added image from death certificate.
- Maria Fredrica Louisa Roosen b1850 - added image from Hendrikus Lambertus Hoedemaker's death certificate.
- Antonia Maria Johanna Roosen b1872 - added death cards for Maria Helena Johanna Rault b1895 and Josephina Geertruida Maria Rault b1899.  Added some details for N J Schaper and JGM Rault.

30 June 2009
- Antonia Helena Roosen b1823 - found her in Amsterdam Bevolkingsregisters of 1851.
- Agatha Sara Roosen b1799 - added information from Amsterdam Bevolkingsregisters of 1851 re Anton Cremer and Maria van Wezep.  Added child, Christoph Anton b1851.
- Anna Antonia Roosen b1832 - added image from death certificate.
- Fransina Maria Roosen b1841 - added image from death certificate.

29 June 2009
- Elisabeth Petronella Roosen b1811 - added marriage details.

16 February 2009
- Antonius Wilhelmus Hendrikus Roosen b1863 - corrected birth date of Maria Theodora Böhmer.  Added details of her parents and borthers/sisters.

23 December 2008
Wilhelmus Johannes Roosen b1879 - added church details, added photo.

16 December 2008
- Added Rault-Roosen family tree.
- Updated Full Roosen family tree.

15 December 2008
Antonia Maria Johanna Roosen b1872 - added further details regarding places lived.  Added further details of her marriage.  Added birth, death and occupation details for Jacobus JL Rault.  Added details from JJL Rault's Heiloo Bevolkingsregister entry.  Added details from AMJ Roosen's Amsterdam Persoonenkaart.  Added birth, death and marriage details for several children.  Added information on the family Scha(a)per.

13 December 2008
Wilhelmus Johannes Roosen b1879 - added death notice and burial details for him and Antoinette Johanna Post. Added historical .detail re Spuistraat.  Added old photo of Spuistraat 49.  Added photo of the Spuistraat as a canal. Added photo of Korte Lijnbaansteeg ca 1920s.
- Antonius Roosen b1802 - added marriage entry image from Roman Catholic church book.
- Petronella Roosen b1795 - minor updates.
- Josephus Theodorus Roosen b1874 - added a second photo of Aafje Tulp, added a section of her birth certificate.  Added photo of Josephus Theodorus.
- Maria Sebilla Roosen b1808 - added marriage details and extract from marriage certificate.

9 December 2008
 - Updated  
Johannes Theodorus Rosen b1764 - added house information from the Harderwijk 1840-50 Bevolkingsregister.  Added map segment showing the location of Luttekepoortstraat 332.

4 December 2008
- Bookfield Unitarian Church, Gorton - page added
- New family chapter added - James Kinder b1814
- New family chapter added - Ann Kinder b1817
- History of Gorton updated
- Updated James Kinder b1799
- New family chapter added - Joseph Kinder b1812
- New family chapter added - Sarah Kinder b1810
- New Roosen found - Johanna Maria Elizabeth.  Daughter of Josephus Eligius Roosen and Johanna Catharina Maria Piels.
- Updated Petrus Roosen
- Updated Maria/Anna Elizabeth Rosen
- Updated Johannes Theodorus Rosen b1764 - added burial information, added 2nd marriage church book entry.  Found him in the 1795 census of Harderwijk.  Added baptism entry for Johanna Elisabeth Leenen.
- Updated Petronella Roosen b1795 - improved image of baptism record.
- Updated Petrus Josephus Roosen b1796. - added church book marriage entry. Added location map of Schoenmakerstraat 442.  Added Buggestraat 109 & 114 location map.  Added Johanna Bernarda Hulsing baptism entry.
- Removed full images of birth, marriage and death certificates - please ask if you would like a copy of anything.
- Updated Karel Louwrens Theodorus Roosen b1823.
Added location map of Schoenmakerstraat 442.
- Updated Antonia Maria Margareetha Roosen b1825. Added baptism entry.
- Updated Johannes Hendrikus Roosen b1826.   Added Bruggestraat house location map. Added baptism entry.
- Updated Margareta Bernarda Roosen b1827. Added Buggestraat 109 & 114 location map. Added location map of Schoenmakerstraat 442.  Added baptism entry. Added pages from the Roman Catholic Church members register.  Added death date, place.
- Updated Maria Fredrica Louisa Roosen b1850.  Added H L Hoedemaker birth date. Added baptism entry for Maria Louisa Cecilia Hoedemaker.  
Added baptism entries for Hendrikus Lambertus Bernardus Hoedemaker and Peter Gerardus Hoedemaker.  Added pages from the Roman Catholic Church members register.  Added Maria Louisa Cecilia Hoedemaker's death date/place.  Added birth details for Aloijsius Hijacinthus Christianus Hoedemaker.  Added  birth, marriage and eath details for Hendricus Lambertus Bernardus Hoedemaker.  Created small family tree for family of H L Hodemaker.
- Updated Hendrika Josephina Roosen b1829.  Added Bruggestraat house location map.
- Updated Anna Antonia Roosen b1832.
Added baptism detail and image,  Bruggestraat house location map. Death date/place added.  Added 1840 census detail.
- Updated Johannis Hendrikus Roosen b1835.  Added Bruggestraat house location map.  Added baptism details and image.
- Updated Theodora Lucia Roosen b1839.  Added baptism detail and image,  Bruggestraat house location map. Death date/place added.  Added 1840 census detail.
- Updated Fransina Maria Roosen b1841.  Added baptism detail and image,  Bruggestraat house location map. Death date/place added.  Added 1840 census detail.  Added death date/place.
- Updated Agatha Sara Roosen b1799.  Added baptism entries for Theodora Antonia Kremer and  Antonia Agnes Kremer. Added Maria Francisca Kremer birth and death details.  Added death certificate for Anton Cremer b ca 1826.  Added Agatha Sara Cremer b1856 birth certificate.  Added birth and death details for Jelle Tjipken Frico Biljardt.  Corrected divorce details for
Agatha Sara Cremer & Jelle Tjipken Frico Biljardt.  Joseph Cremer b1853 birth and death details updated.  Joseph Kremer b1834 baptism details added.  Peter Joseph Kremer b1836 baptism details added and marriage noted, death details added.
- Updated Antonius Roosen b1802.  
- Updated Everhardus Eligius Roosen b1834.
- UpdatedAntonius Wilhelmus Hendrikus Roosen b1863.
- Updated Peterus Theodorus Roosen b1842.
- Updated About the Author.

28 October 2006
 - Added family chapter - Antonius Wilhelmus Hendrikus Roosen, born 1863

28 July 2006
- New "Roosen Only" family tree
- Added new Roosen Family Group sheets

24 June 2006
- Related family tree - Groeneveld added.
- List of Names added.

26 March 2006

- Added some of my early Kinder family history.  More to come.  Look for Kinder under Genealogy menu.
- Added some history of Gorton, Lancashire, England.  This is the first known location of my Kinder folk.  Look under Places menu.

29 November 2005
- Added 6 humourous items about genealogy.   Look under Genealogy menu.

26 November 2005
- Added Unconnected Dutch Roosens page
- Added Rosen in Aldenhoven page
- Added family trees for some related families - Formanoij, Lövenich, van der Heijden, Rinck.  These sections will be fleshed out in future updates.

22 November 2005

- Revamped web site and republished
- Links page added.
- Added detail to Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church.
- Added first series of pages describing our travels.

2 April 2005
- All new menu system at the top of the page.
- Certificates are now available for viewing and appear in a separate pop-up window.
- Added family chapter - Petronella Roosen, born 1795.
- Added family tree for Geurtje van der Heijden.
- I have a new web hosting service - ICDSoft.
- Minor cosmetic changes.

29 November 2004
- Disclaimer page added.

28 November 2004
- Added family chapter - Everhardus Eligius Roosen, born 1834.

27 November 2004
- Added family chapter - Maria Geertruida Cornelia Roosen, born 1868.
- Added family chapter - Antonius Johannes Roosen, born 1870.
- Added family chapter - Antonia Maria Johanna Roosen, born 1871.
- Roosen family tree updated.

23 November 2004
- Added family chapter - Cornelis Antonius Roosen, born 1867.

21 November 2004
- Updated
Peterus Theodorus Roosen, born 1842.
- Updated Antonia Maria Johanna Roosen, born 1872.

20 November 2004
- Petrus Theodorus Roosen, born 1842, corrected to "Peterus".
- Minor corrections to Petrus Rosen and Maria/Anna Elisabeth Rosen chapters.
- Added 4 new family members - previously unknown children of Peterus Theodorus Roosen and Geertruida Philippina Paulina Mulder.
- Added Dorathea Maria, Berendina Maria to the family tree.

14 November 2004
- Added 1832 map section showing location of the Harderwijk Roman Catholic Church at that time.

7 November 2004
- Added this "What's New" page.