A Little About Me

Hello!  My name is Geoff Roosen. 

I live in a leafy green suburb of Melbourne, Australia with my wife, Deirdre and I have two sons, Andrew and Stephen.  I work at home and Deirdre maintains the sanity of the house as well as working the share market in support of our retirement.

We have one dog - Emma Peel,  a black Greyhound obtained from the Victorian Greyhound Adoption Program.

I am 72 years of age and grey hair is overtaking the previous colour.

I am a Chemical Engineer by training (Monash University Class of '73 - hi guys!) but haven't practised very much for the past few years.  As a younger engineer, I was fortunate to have worked in Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands and Malaysia.  Currently I am retired. 

My recreational interests are:-